They need watching like a hawk

“Think you’re the only one who understands this fucker needs watching like a hawk?”

Saul is thinking about Brody when he utters these words and yet after watching Episode 9, they might apply to almost every character on Homeland.

Carrie, who seems still very much in love with Brody, who is genuinely relieved to see him alive. Carrie who believes his story and who believes him to love her back. Carrie that in discovering that the CIA has a black ops guy in standby ready to kill Brody once he stops being useful could do something very dangerous, like going rogue.

Brody who has been kidnapped by Nazir and lived to tell about it. Not only that, he was left without a scratch, without any of Nazir’s friends following him while he was so central to Nazir’s plot. Brody who might have helped the CIA get half of Nazir’s terrorist cell but is still reticent about his prayers with Nazir.

Dana/Mike/Jessica who at the moment seem useless and secluded in a CIA safe-house playing 7th heaven. But they are still sitting on the information that VP Walden’s son has killed a woman and he has paid her daughter to shut up. Also, they know that Brody is somehow involved with the CIA. What happens if Brody dies or misteriously disappear? Would they go “back to where they were” (I think Brody meant when he was a prisoner of war, in a moment of complete lucidity) or would they try to speak up?

Saul that according to Dar Adal is not trusted by Estes. Why doesn’t the CIA director trust him? Is he afraid that Saul will want the right thing and doesn’t want to get his hands dirty with killing Brody? And yet Saul knows Dar Adal. His past is tainted with black.

Estes for that matter. He knew about the secret drone attack and he wants to protect his own political interests. He has no qualms about murdering a terrorist/congressman/double-agent in cold blood. But is that it? What about Carrie? If Brody dies in a suspicious matter she won’t stop until she gets to the bottom of it. Is she to die too, to tie up all loose ends?

Quinn who we have discovered to be part of a Black Ops operation under Dar Adal, a mysterious character, important enough for Saul to say “in the flesh”. He also has a son and a girlfriend or ex-girlfriend who cares about him enough to engage in a battle of wits with Saul (forgetting that maybe Saul wanted to be called out on his not being an IRS guy, so that she’d call Quinn). He has also been tasked with killing Brody once Nazir is in custody. He entered the big leagues in this episode. Indeed I have been wondering if the writers are setting him up to be the next male lead. If Brody is dead when all is said and done and Carrie suspects the CIA and thus goes rogue, his liking of Carrie could make Quinn the Carrie to Carrie’s Brody. It would be astonishingly sad to lose Brody since Damien Lewis is a spectacular actor but the show would restart over again.

Finally and of course Abu Nazir who might have set the whole entire operation in this episode just to see if Brody was loyal. Misdirection is his middle name and now that he knows for sure that Brody talks with the CIA he can factor him as a victim in the real season finale unveiling of his plan. He could also be working with Brody to take the CIA on a stroll. Nobody knows his will.

Just as Nazir tested Brody with the battery and then the tea, I think Homeland’s writers are testing us, urging us to choose whom to trust only to (probably) being proven wrong. And I love it.